Thursday, January 6, 2005

My Little Shop

I work out of a small basement shop in, you guessed it, my basement. When we bought the house about 9 years ago, it had a little woodworking shop in it. I was an avid model airplane enthusiast and had built some giant scale aerobatic planes while living in Oregon, and thought that the little shop would be put to good use. Over the next few years, I built a bench, added a few tools, but soon after we bought the house, our first child was born. With that, I lost interest in things that took me outside the house and my model airplane hobby went by the wayside.

Soon after our first was born, I started watching a show on TV. The New Yankee Workshop. I had seen episodes of it in previous years and was always amazed at the furniture that he made and the shop he had. I was hooked.

So, over the next few years I started gathering more tools. Then with the birth of our second child, I was heavy into woodworking as a hobby.

I have included a link to My Shop and Projects album at Picasaweb. I have made a few things more than I have listed but didn't take pictures of everything. I got onboard the "blogger" thing late and now have taken a liking to recording contstruction and finishing of my projects. I share them with those that care to look, but I really posted them more for me to go back and look at the process so I can remember. I have never done a piece that wasn't for someone I cared about, so the photos of construction and comments that I make, help me remember the process.

I'll add stuff as I do it. I hope to add some video to this blog as well. That is, if I do anything worth filming.

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