Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Wife's Bookcase

This was another, "Me and my big mouth," project. My wife moved into her new office and decided she needed a wall unit/bookcase. She was going to go to one of the box furniture stores and buy one. I said, "Why do that when I can make you one." I was thinking, "who said that?"

And thus the second bookcase project was underway. Apparently I had forgotten the first bookcase project. Luckily, this one was half the size. It was less than half the trouble, but ultimately appreciated less than half as much as the first one.

Suffice to say, it was fun making the doors. I like to make doors. The process appeals to me. S2S lumber, jointed and planed. Dimensioned and routered. Assembled and glued. There is something about doors that people look at when you make a project. It's like the dovetail drawer for some. They don't look at the smoothness of the finish, or the complexity of the joinery. The look at the drawers and the doors. It is apparently the only tricky part. Either that or they don't want to take a square and a tape measure and see if you are actually any good.

Anyway, no construction pics of this either. There is something about making bookcases that just makes me want to be done with them, remembering the outcome and not the process.

My wife picked the hardware on this case and it's really the nicest feature of the entire thing. Other than the skillfully made piece! ;) Here is a link to a bigger picture at picasaweb.

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