Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Entertainment Centre - Final

Well, it's done. Almost. The door glass still hasn't been cut. I commissioned it and it was supposed to be done yesterday. **shrug** It's installed in my parents basement. As a note of humour and curiosity, I compiled a list of the tools and fixtures I used to create it. I was almost embarassed as it's certainly more than the handsaw, hammer and glue that my grandfather used to create his kitchen cabinets. Regardless, here's the tool list.

I had quite alot of fun building this project. It's about the perfect size for me to knock off in a month or so of an hour here, hour there. There are no major mistakes and the thing is built like a tank...at least I think so.

The method of constructing it in parts, finishing them, then transporting to final destination before assembly, worked really well for me. There was no nut busting piece of furniture to sweat out of the shop, and I didn't need any help getting it into my parents basement.

As always, construction pics are in my Picasa Album for this project.

Thanks for looking!

I'm going to be finishing my first impressions of some Festool tools in the next couple of weeks. Sitting down in the shop is a new Domino, TS 55 and MFT 1080. I'll give them a test drive and see how things go. That info will be in my Tool Blog.


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Neil....a Furnitologist said...

Hi Tom:

The entertainment center came out nice. In the blog I like the Tool List, interesting how many you ended up using. Kinda cool to see that.